Difficulties with Worldwide Vaccine Distribution

Throughout history, pandemics have ravaged the world and devastated global populations. Now, we face more challenges than ever before in regards to vaccine distribution. What are some of the obstacles which need to be overcome?


The most obvious issue is distributing a large quantity of vaccine to an infected population. Not only does this pose a challenge to production capacity, but reaching poorer areas of the world can be nearly impossible.


The more traditional populations of the world may not believe that vaccines are intended to help. Unfortunately, these same rural areas are highly likely to become devastated by any outbreak. As seen recently in the Liberian quarantine riots, education is key to control an outbreak.

The Use of Travel Bans

One highly contested subject is whether or not it is wise to institute travel bans to and from infected regions. While some perceive that these measures may help to stem the spread of infection, others argue that the arrival of vaccines and treatments is also hampered.

Global Transit

The last point leads us to our final issue. A man can fly to Europe from New York in seven hours or less. So, diseases can also travel this fast. In theory, a highly contagious virus could spread around the world before scientists even have a chance to distribute any known vaccine. This poses an additional threat in regards to efficient distribution.

Medical professionals and scientists are carefully looking at ways to get around these challenges. It is hoped that modern technology and transport methods will help any vaccines to arrive at their destinations safely and securely.