Bedridden For Weeks or Months? We’ve Got You Covered

Too sick to leave your bed? That’s okay. When your doctor tells you that you are going to be bedridden for the next few weeks or months, very few people immediately grasp the implications. A simple issue – what to do with your time – quickly becomes an all-encompassing problem. You have to give your body the rest it needs, but it just isn’t easy to entertain yourself day in and day out, especially if you suffer from a chronic illness where bed rest is a frequent part of your life.

Our first suggestion is to expand upon what you love to do. So, if photography is your passion in life, maybe you can use the time to finally get around to editing or organizing your immense collection of photos that you have never sorted through. If you like yoga, why not try some yoga poses you can do without leaving your bed? Have a look at this article by the Huffington Post for more on that idea.

If you want an original idea – what about learning to play poker? It’s pretty easy to learn, but the game can take up hours of your time as you practice against friends and family and then graduate to competing online, where you can play for money or just for the fun of it. You might even get invested in playing in online casino sites, which can offer endless hours of fun. Maybe even consider becoming a VIP member of an online casino to enjoy a host of benefits.

Poker has always been a popular card game because it combines luck with skill and strategy (along with the need to put on your poker face!). Whichever hobby you decide to take up, we wish you well on the road to recovery!