4 Ways to Keep Your Brain Active

One of the best ways to keep your memory sharp at any age is to stay busy. Maintaining an active body and engaging in mentally challenging activities are crucial if you want an active mind.

Here are ways to keep your mind occupied:

1. Exercise Regularly

One of the best ways to keep your brain busy is to exercise regularly. Cardiovascular exercises pump more oxygen-rich blood to the brain. This helps to keep the bran fit as well strengthen blood vessel and prevent diseases that impair cognitive function.

Be sure to engage in a physical exercise you enjoy such as aerobics, brisk walking, dancing, swimming, cycling or yoga.

2. Tease your brain

Challenging your brain with mental exercise can activate processes that help maintain your brain cells. Here are some activities you may want to try out:

• Switch hands – use your non-dominant hand to eat, brush your teeth and use your computer mouse. While it may be hard at first, it will give your brain a good workout.
• Play brain teaser games such as puzzles, sudoku, word games and card games.
• Read books, newspapers, and magazines.
• Watch puzzle, quiz, and trivia shows on television and play along with the contestants.

3. Learn something new

Learning new activities is another way to keep your brain occupied. You can try taking up a new hobby, learning a new skill, or language, playing video games or taking a course on a subject that interests you.

4. Get social

Having a supportive social network is vital to keeping the brain healthy. The emotional support provided by social connections boost feelings of well-being and can help reduce the damaging effects of stress. Social interactions can also influence your living habits including consuming a balanced diet, getting regular exercise, avoiding smoking, and learning new skills among others.

Sports teams, church, unions, and parent-teacher organizations are great places to develop relationships with other people.