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Sunlight plays a major role

Sunlight plays a major role in our wellbeing and health. It keeps us warm and triggers the production of serotonin which influences how we feel the whole day. Sunlight is also required for the production of vitamin D, which helps regulate the amount of phosphate and calcium in the human body. Both are required for our teeth and bones. However, overexposure to sunlight can cause skin cancer and other similar diseases. Experts think that three out of five cases of […]

The Effects of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality, or VR, as it is popularly known, has become all the rage in today’s progressive tech-obsessed world. The genius of this phenomenon is that it allows users to experience interactive computer-generated scenarios by engaging visual, auditory and other sensory perceptions in an immersive digital environment. The evolution of virtual reality is reaching many different areas and platforms today, ranging from augmented reality systems on smartphone devices, video gaming technology, the theme park industry to the glitzy world of […]

4 Ways to Keep Your Brain Active

One of the best ways to keep your memory sharp at any age is to stay busy. Maintaining an active body and engaging in mentally challenging activities are crucial if you want an active mind. Here are ways to keep your mind occupied: 1. Exercise Regularly One of the best ways to keep your brain busy is to exercise regularly. Cardiovascular exercises pump more oxygen-rich blood to the brain. This helps to keep the bran fit as well strengthen blood […]

Bedridden For Weeks or Months? We’ve Got You Covered

Too sick to leave your bed? That’s okay. When your doctor tells you that you are going to be bedridden for the next few weeks or months, very few people immediately grasp the implications. A simple issue – what to do with your time – quickly becomes an all-encompassing problem. You have to give your body the rest it needs, but it just isn’t easy to entertain yourself day in and day out, especially if you suffer from a chronic […]

Quit Smoking in Three Steps

To smoke or not to smoke, that is the question those of us trying to quit grapple with. The slim, slender roll of tobacco, packed in white paper, can indeed be a seductress, often tempting us for one last puff. More often than not, the last puff, or even the last cigarette, leads to one more, then one more, and, before you realize it, you are back on the habit. It is entirely normal to go one step forward and […]

How do diseases spread?

Diseases are caused by pernicious microbes (microscopic agents which facilitate basic life functions such as digesting and breathing). Microbes come in many formats and most are beneficial to health. However, certain categories of microbe can carry illness: viruses bacteria fungi Viruses Viruses replicate living cells of other organisms and are the smallest of all the infectious agents. Well-known viruses include the common cold, measles and chicken pox. Bacteria Bacteria have an excellent ability to reproduce and thereby cause illness to […]

The Importance of Funding Research

While the majority of modern medicines are results of hard work, dedication and insight, it is important to recognise that their presence would not have been possible without the addition of substantial research funding. Why is this funding so very important and what impacts can it have upon the treatment and prevention of many illnesses? The Financial Factor Much of the publicity regarding a new drug or treatment revolves around the doctors themselves, the patient prognosis and the overall impact […]

How to Find a Vaccine

Vaccines save millions of lives throughout the world each and every year. However, what methods are used to find them and why are they normally so very effective? It is a good idea if we take a closer look at these important questions. Weakening the Virus The goal of any virologist is to find a way to weaken an existing virus. The weaker form is then given to the patient. In turn, his or her body will develop an immunity […]

Difficulties with Worldwide Vaccine Distribution

Throughout history, pandemics have ravaged the world and devastated global populations. Now, we face more challenges than ever before in regards to vaccine distribution. What are some of the obstacles which need to be overcome? Logistics The most obvious issue is distributing a large quantity of vaccine to an infected population. Not only does this pose a challenge to production capacity, but reaching poorer areas of the world can be nearly impossible. Unawareness The more traditional populations of the world […]

Ebola: New Threat

It is indeed a new threat, but the disease is certainly not new. So why has this recent outbreak caught the world’s attention? What is the Ebola virus? Ebola was first identified in 1976 following two separate outbreaks in Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo, respectively. It is the latter from which the virus takes its name, with the Ebola disease being thought to originate in the country’s Ebola River. The virus gets its fearsome reputation from the fact that […]